Personal Journal of George Washington Willard - 1883

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Thu, Dec 6, 1883

Went to work at 10 AM on the Steammer Montreal

overcast dull weather

Some boxes fell out the sling and struck me on the side   hert very bad and halled me home

Fri, Dec 7, 1883

At home halled up sick and lame

overcast dull weather

Sat, Dec 8, 1883

At home

the same as before

Sun, Dec 9, 1883

At home sick

the Dockter was here

dull weather calm

had a very bad night

Mon, Dec 10, 1883

At home

clear pleasant   wind off shore   light

a very restless night

could not turn over

Tue, Dec 11, 1883

Simontons Cove

at home sick and lame

quite a number of visitors came to see me through the day


December 6 - December 11, 1883

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Wed, Dec 12, 1883

My Birthday Aged 52 -

Point Village

At home   halled up sick and lame

My wife was away in forenoon down to Georgias

lots of company come to see me

pleasant weather   clear

Thu, Dec 13, 1883

At Home home clear pleasant weather wind N westly

feel quite comfortable to day

quite a lot of company come to see me

Fri, Dec 14, 1883

Simontons Cove

overcast but warm

feel quite comfortable today

a number of callers was here

Sat, Dec 15, 1883

Point Village

at home sick and lame

quite cold   strong breeze N North overcast

Coldest Spell for the season

Sun, Dec 16, 1883

At home   clear and cool,, wind west fresh

I am feeling quite comfortable to day - walk about the house some

Mrs Lovett & F Cobb was in to see me and Capt Spurling and lots of others

I spent a very pleasant day Thank God

Mon, Dec 17, 1883

At home   wind NE   fresh breeze and snowing

all the children went to school

had a number in to see me

feel quite well today

at 7 PM clear wind North


December 12 - December 17, 1883

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