Personal Journal of George Washington Willard - 1883

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Tue, Dec 18, 1883

At home   not feeling very well

a thick snow storm   wind SW fresh

clearing off in afternoon

H E Willard & wife was here in evening

Maggie and Georgie here

went to bed at 9 PM

Wed, Dec 19, 1883

At home cloudy   wind west fresh

Mel Strout was here in the morning and G Burbank

snowing in the afternoon   wind NE fresh

cleared off in the night

got home at 4 PMquite a number of visitors

Thu, Dec 20, 1883

At home   clear   wind NE fresh breeze

Rec of P L ?? $5.00

quite a number of visitors today

Fri, Dec 21, 1883

Simontons Cove

wind NE Snow storm - very ???? weather

Nat Thoreson & Mr Preston was in

Sat, Dec 22, 1883

Point Village

clear and cold   wind NNW   fresh breeze all day

had a bbl of flour and a number of other stores

could not turn over

Sun, Dec 23, 1883

Point Village   Maine

clear but very cold in the morning   15 Dgs below zero

had a number of visitors to see me - feel quite well considering

wind NNW fresh breeze


December 18 - December 23, 1883

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Mon, Dec 24, 1883

Point Village

Wind North East   fresh breeze and snowing hard

six Dgs above zero in morning

Some visitors in today

Rec 5.00 from PLBS

Still snowing at 8 PM

Tue, Dec 25, 1883

At Home fine and pleasant day   calm

quite a number of visitors today

A Loveitt and wife

Georgie and children and lots of others

Charles and Sherman went to Portland

Wed, Dec 26, 1883

Point Village

warm calm and clear

Wife is washing Georgie to help him

a number of callers was here

Thu, Dec 27, 1883

At home   overcast   Strong breeze SSW and warm

Capt C White was in to see me

My wife down to Georgie's washing - Chs(?) went to school

missing getting dinner

rain at 2 PM - heavy thunder & lightning in the evening

Fri, Dec 28, 1883

Point Village   very strong breeze WNW

very low barometer down to 29

Mrs Walton and Mr Harlon was here and others

Sat, Dec 29, 1883

At home   not feeling very well

fish ??? was out today   a very pleasant day

winds light - baffling winds

went in to the other room a little while

Mrs Walton was in and Mr Pearson in evening


December 24 - December 29, 1883

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