Personal Journal of George Washington Willard - 1883

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Fri, Oct 19, 1883

Salem harbor

wind SW fresh

went Shore bought a paper

in the evening went on board Capt Alvin Littlejohn

on board at 8 PM   overcast

Sat, Oct 20, 1883

Sailed from Salem at 6 AM

very light wind and calm

at 12 Anchored in Cape Ann harbor

Went Shore and got news paper -

raining all the afternoon

at 8 PM winds NNE in a Squall

Sun, Oct 21, 1883


wind NE fresh with rain

went on board the Dreadnaught

Mon, Oct 22, 1883

Cape Ann harbor

Cloudy Strong breeze NNE

went Shore after a Magnola   could not find any

went out in the Dreadnaught in the night

did not see any fish

Tue, Oct 23, 1883

come back   got on board at 4 AM

wind NE light - Some of the seiners got some fish over to the Rais

went Shore got some Coal and grub

fixed the Windlass etc.

Wed, Oct 24, 1883

Gloucester harbor

wind NE blowing hard with rain all day

let go the secont anchor

on board all day


October 19 - October 24, 1883

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Thu, Oct 25, 1883


overcast wind North fresh

went shore got a paper and filled water

wrote a letter to my wife

Fri, Oct 26, 1883

Cape Ann harbor

wind NNE light raining

went Shore bought paper

on board Sloop Yankee Girl in the evening

Sat, Oct 27, 1883


wind North light   raining most of the day

sent SHore got newspaper

Capt went Shore in afternoon

Sun, Oct 28, 1883

Sailed at 6 AM  very light winds and Calm

Went out to Eastpoint   Came back overcast and looks like a storm

Halled alongside the Sloop Yankee Girl

rain in the night wind SE light

Mon, Oct 29, 1883

Gloucester got under way

Went up in the harbor at Rockey Neck

blowing a gale SSE with rain squalls

went on board Fannie Spurling got dinner

the Capt got Letter from home

Tue, Oct 30, 1883

Gloucester   blowing a gale from the west   clear

wrote a letter home to my wife

Went on board Fannie Spurling to see the Capt   quite sick


October 25 - October 30, 1883

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