Personal Journal of George Washington Willard - 1883

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Sun, Oct 7, 1883

Sailed from House Island at 5 AM

Went to Jewells Island and got a load of Herring

90 Bbls of the Long Island fish???? and started for Portland at 11

got home at 5 PM

Mon, Oct 8, 1883

Portland   salted the herring etc

cloudy light wind

Tue, Oct 9, 1883

hoisted the herring out 104 Bbls etc

made an ICE(?) ??? fixing up to go after fresh mackerel

foggy wind South and calm

at 6 at home

Wed, Oct 10, 1883

At work fitting away

took in ICE three tons, and, some stores

got all ready to sail

thick fog and strong breeze SSW

ICE Req cash 2500 of C A Dyer (can't read this line well)

Thu, Oct 11, 1883

Went to Portland in morning

Shifted the Schr over to the ferry

went home

calm foggy in the forenoon

Fri, Oct 12, 1883

Went on board Schr at 7 AM   wind NE light clear

hoisted up the sails and hove short waiting for Capt

Sailed at 9

anchored at Richmons Island at 12

foggy wind East driving


October 7 - October 12, 1883

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Sat, Oct 13, 1883

Richmons Island roads

thick fog wind SSW light all day

went shore to Geo Steves(?) in evening

Sun, Oct 14, 1883

Richmons Island roads nothing to do

wind SSW fresh breeze and rain and fog

at 5 clear wind West warm

Mon, Oct 15, 1883

Sailed at 6 AM from the roads

Wind NNE fresh

past Isley Shoals at 12 N

anchored in Salem at 5 quite Cool (Salem, Massachusetts??)

went shore bought paper(?)

Tue, Oct 16, 1883

Salem clear wind N fresh and cool

Went up to Boston to see about some mackerel and to hear about any

got on board at 4 PM

very cool weather

Wed, Oct 17, 1883

Salem harbor

- Clear wind NNE fresh and cold

froze quite hard last night

the Capt went shore in forenoon

filled water and bought salt fish

Thu, Oct 18, 1883

Salem harbor clear and pleasant all day

Set up the head gyes and fore and main rigging etc

Capt went shore bought his boy a new hat and paper

I think this is a poor place to get a ???? of mackerel


October 13 - October 18, 1883

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