Personal Journal of George Washington Willard - 1883

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Tue, Sep 25, 1883

At home   Wind Westly Strong breeze all day

Went to the Shops bought some Stores for the house

Went to bed at 9

my wife quite sick in the night

Wed, Sep 26, 1883

Sailed from the Cove at 6 AM   arrived to Richmons Island at 9

wind WNW light clear

went to Ram Island drove some stakes & etc

went shore to Geo Steaves in the evening

Thu, Sep 27, 1883

Went in to Portland with herring 35 Bbls

Came out to Richmons Island Roads

wind SSW fresh breeze

anchored at 9 PM

Fri, Sep 28, 1883

Went in to Portland with 60 Bbls of herring and took them out

variable winds cloudy

got home at 4 PM

Sat, Sep 29, 1883

left home at 5 AM and sailed at 9

light bafflinfg winds

got to Ram Island at 1 oclock and sailed for Portland at 5?

arrived at 530

took out the fish and went home

overcast - rain in night

Sun, Sep 30, 1883

Sailed from Portland at 10   wind NE light

arrived at Richmons at 1230



September 25 - September 30, 1883

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Mon, Oct 1, 1883

Richmons Island roads - wind NE fresh in morning

had a Coot Steak for dinner

Chs and John Godard was here (Goddard?)

went a clamming in afternoon


Tue, Oct 2, 1883

In the roads Calm in morning at 9AM

wind South fresh

Capt Upton went to ram Island

let go Scot anchor at 12 Madrah(?)

Wed, Oct 3, 1883

In the roads

light winds in forenoon SW

went Shore on the Island

the Dread came in   wnet on board and got supper

wind NNW fresh

Thu, Oct 4, 1883

Richmons Island roads

Clear wind NW fresh Cool

Went Shore and on board the Dreadnaught got dinner

helped mend the sein & etc

Fri, Oct 5, 1883

In the roads Strong breeze NW

got breakfast on board the dread

Went Shore on the Island

the H E Willard came in here in afternoon

Pudding and milk for Supper

Sat, Oct 6, 1883

Sailed from the Island at 8 AM with six Bbls of herring

arrived at Portland at 12 N

light winds West

took out the fish

got ready and started for Peaks Island at 4 and land at House Island at 7 Calm (Northeast of Portland)


October 1 - October 6, 1883

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