Personal Journal of George Washington Willard - 1883

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Thu, Sep 13, 1883

Richmons Islands Roads very light winds East overcast

Went over to ram Island got dinner and to Mr Drews

and got nine "9" Lbs of Butter paid 25 cts

got on board at 330

light rain

Fri, Sep 14, 1883

Richmons Island Roads overcast and calm

no fish today in the pounds

went shore and got some green corn

went on board the village Maid and Dreadnaught

Sat, Sep 15, 1883

Sailed at 10 AM bound in home

very light winds and calm foggy

arrived at 4 PM

up to the Shops in evening

Sun, Sep 16, 1883

At home most of the day

wind Eastly

Mon, Sep 17, 1883

Went to Portland in forenoon got some Stores and Salt for the Schr

light bafflinf winds and sun

Tue, Sep 18, 1883

Sailed at 730 from the ferry bound for the Island

arrived at 10 AM

wind light

went over to Ram Island and to Mr Drews

went clamming on Richmons Island


September 13 - September 18, 1883

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Wed, Sep 19, 1883

In the roads   fine pleasant weather

helped load a skow with hay

Shot a halk (hawk)

not much to do

had a clam chowder for dinner & etc

Thu, Sep 20, 1883

Richmons Island roads clear and pleasant in the morning Calm

had company in the evening


went Shore

Fri, Sep 21, 1883

In the roads

Strong breeze ENE most of the day

a big fleet of herring catchers in here   40 Sail

went Shore little while

had a hash and S????? Cake for supper

Sat, Sep 22, 1883

Sailed from the roads at 8 AM

very light wind Eastly

Coffee and hard bread for breakfast

Some herring going done well some of the catchers

got 12 Bbls in the pound - got home at 4 PM

Sun, Sep 23, 1883

At home all day

light baffling winds Calm

Went to the beach in morning

Mon, Sep 24, 1883

Went to Portland

got some Stores for the Island

Come down to Thrashers morning

wind SSW fresh

at 7 foggy wind SSE fresh


September 19 - September 24, 1883

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