Personal Journal of George Washington Willard - 1883

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Sat, Sep 1, 1883

Started from the Island at 7,20 AM to walk in - calm and warm

got home at 930

went to Portland

got home at 4 PM

foggy   was up to the Shops bought Tobacco etc.

Sun, Sep 2, 1883

Left house at 730   foggy and calm

went to the ferry went on board Schr Yankee Maid

Started at 9 - arrived to the Island at 2

went over to Ram Island and Shifted mt Close on board Yankee Maid

Mon, Sep 3, 1883

Richmons Roads

took in 12 Bbls of mackerel & herring

wind NW blowing very hard all day   at Sundown moderate

the Fannie Thrasher came in here

Tue, Sep 4, 1883

Went in with 45 Bbls of fish mostly herring

took them out and went out to the Island

anchored at 7 fresh breeze SSW

number of seiners in here

Morris Cobb came on board (Possibly This Morris Cobb?)

Wed, Sep 5, 1883

Richmons Island

rain in morning   wind SW

at 10 wind NW light pleasant

Thu, Sep 6, 1883

Richmons Island roads

wind SW fresh

drove some stakes to the pound & etc

went shore got some water & etc.

had company in evening


September 1 - September 6, 1883

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Fri, Sep 7, 1883

In the roads   fine pleasant weather

went over to Ram Island and got dinner

Caught a lot of fish and dres'd(?) them

went Shore   got some water   Calm

Sat, Sep 8, 1883

In R I roads in the morning

wind East light rain

at 9 got underway   arrived at Portland at 1130

took out the fish & etc.

got home at 1 PM

Sun, Sep 9, 1883

At home

Wind NW fresh breeze all day

went to the beach in the morning

had dinner at 1 PM

Mon, Sep 10, 1883

Sailed from the ferry at 6 AM   arrived at Richmon Isle at 840

light wind NW clear

Went to Ram Island and drove some stakes to the pound & etc.

on board the Fannie Thrasher

Tue, Sep 11, 1883

Sailed at 9 AM

arrived at Portland at 1220 with herring and tinkers 8 Bbls

sold some for bait and started for the Island

very light wind and Calm

anchored at Banes Island

Calm Stayed all night

Wed, Sep 12, 1883

Got underway at 6 AM very light wind North

arrived at 930 to Richmons Island

Caught quite a lot of pollack and dressed them   Calm


September 7 - September 12, 1883

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