Personal Journal of George Washington Willard - 1883

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Wed, Aug 8, 1883

At work hard all day took RI (Ram Island?) trap up and drove some stakes

fine pleasant with light baffling wind

Thu, Aug 9, 1883

At work mending the pound on Richmons Island

fine pleasant weather and calm

Mr Dyer was out

Fri, Aug 10, 1883

On Richmons Island at work mending the trap all day

calm all day and warm

the Cook went in with upton in Schr (Schooner?)

Sat, Aug 11, 1883

Ram Island Maine - finished fixing the pound

clear very light wind and calm

Went in got home at 7 PM

in to Mrs Whites

Sun, Aug 12, 1883

At home in forenoon   clear and calm

Went to Ram Island   got out 330

fog out side

Mon, Aug 13, 1883

Ram Island   fogy wind SSW fresh

halled in traps   got a few herring

brought the new bole etc ashore from the Sch (Schooner?)

Caught three horse mackerel in the trap


August 8 - August 13, 1883

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Tue, Aug 14, 1883

halled the trap   got three Bbls of bait

wind NW fresh

Mr Bears went to Old Orchard

Wed, Aug 15, 1883

Put the Richmons Island trap down

very nice weather

Caught a horse mackerel in the traps on RI

had company in the evening

Thu, Aug 16, 1883

halled the traps   got 6 Bbls of mostly small mcakerel

wind Eastly overcast

had company   Mr Wallace Son etc

Fri, Aug 17, 1883

Ram Island

Caught a few mackerel and 20 Bbls of blue backs

fine pleasant weather   wind light SSW

went on board of Thrasher's new Schr

Sat, Aug 18, 1883

Caught 30 Bbls of mackerel on Skadone? Baffs?

the Schr went in with them

C A Dyer was out in afternoon

Sun, Aug 19, 1883

Ram Island

Clear calm in morning

Caught 130 Bbls


August 14 - August 19, 1883

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