Personal Journal of George Washington Willard - 1883

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Fri, July 27, 1883

Put the Ram Island trap down

fine pleasant with light baffling wind

two of the stakes came up

Sat, July 28, 1883

Ram Island   rain in morning   wind SSW fresh

walked in home in afternoon

my wife quite sick

up to the Shop

Sun, July 29, 1883

At home in morning

walked out to the Island

got out at 1045

went over to bait trap etc.

Mon, July 30, 1883

Caught 60 Bbls of mixed fish in both traps

fine pleasant weather

baffling wind

Tue, July 31, 1883

got a few mackerel and a boat full of herring

wind SW light

Wed, Aug 1, 1883

On Ram Island

halled the traps

got 8 Bbls of small fish

Wind SW light

Boarded a Sch

Mr Bearce took some ladies out to sail

Capt Lewis was here


July 27 - August 1, 1883

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Thu, Aug 2, 1883

No fish today of any account

rainy with squalls

went on the Cape blueberrying

Fri, Aug 3, 1883

Ram Island

haul the traps   got 5 Bbls of tinkers

Cut the heads off for the factory

fog part of the day   at 5 PM wind West

Sat, Aug 4, 1883

Caught 45 Bbls of small fish

strong breeze west

went in home with Mr Drew

Sun, Aug 5, 1883

At home in the morning

Clear strong breeze WNW

walked out to Ram Island

my wife and Chs walk out a piece with me

arrived at 4 PM

Mon, Aug 6, 1883

Ram Island   Caught 90 Bbls of mackerel in the RJ trap

baited the SE Pink ???

wind WNW fresh pleasant

Tue, Aug 7, 1883

Ram Island

took 45 Bbls of mackerel out of the Richmon Island trap

drove a few stakes into the board

very nice weather


August 2 - August 7, 1883

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