Personal Journal of George Washington Willard - 1883

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Sun, July 15, 1883

At home in the forenoon   fogy calm

Started for the Island at 4 PM

arrived at 6

Mon, July 16, 1883

Ram Island   fogy wind SSE in the afternoon

Went went over to the Richmons Island trap

the Yankee Maid came in

halled the traps   got 20 Bbls ??? sent them in

Tue, July 17, 1883

Ram Island most of the day

went to the traps

quite a lot of fish in them

the Maid got here at 230 and Dread

Mr Beard came

Wed, July 18, 1883

Caught 100 Bbls of small fish in the traps

at work mending the ???? in afternoon

very fine in afternoon   fog in morning

Thu, July 19, 1883

Sent in 140 Bbls small fish out of Ram Island Pounds

Fri, July 20, 1883

halled the traps

got 40 Bbls of small fish

Capt Woodbury and C A Dyer was here

walked in home

very warm


July 15 - July 20, 1883

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Sat, July 21, 1883

At Portland most of the day fixing up some b???????

got home at ?? PM

wind South light

Sun, July 22, 1883

At home in forenoon sunny warm 86 in shade

at 1 PM started for the Island

arrived at 430 went Shore

Mr Maines went out with us

Mon, July 23, 1883

halled the traps

got 40 Bbls of small fish

sent them in to the factry(?)

wind NW fresh breeze

Tue, July 24, 1883

No fish today

took the Ram Island ??????? up to clean

wind NW fresh

Wed, July 25, 1883

At work on the ?????? mending etc

very warm and pleasant

wind NW fresh

Thu, July 26, 1883

At work hard getting the trap into the boat

warm and pleasant

light baffling winds


July 21 - July 26, 1883

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