Personal Journal of George Washington Willard - 1883

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Tue, July 3, 1883

hall the p?????

got 36 Bbls of mackes

went to Portland with them   got home at 4 PM

very warm all day

Wed, July 4, 1883

At home in the morning

Went to Portland with my wife and children in the forenoon

a very nice day for the fourth

Thu, July 5, 1883

Started for the Island at 4 AM

light wind SW

arrived at 7

Fri, July 6, 1883

At work hard all day fixing the pounds

Mr Dyer was out

not mucj mackerel going - plenty Pollack in the pounds

Sat, July 7, 1883

hall the traps in the morning

Sent in 10 Bbls of mackerel in the Yankey Maid

Sun, July 8, 1883

On Ram Island

went over to Richmond Island Roads

got some stores out of the Yankee Maid

went on board the H E Willard

Calm most of the day

Mr Dyer was here


July 3 - July 8, 1883

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Mon, July 9, 1883

Halled (Hauled) the Traps

got three Bbls of mackerel - sent them to Portland

went up the river in afternoon

very light winds and calm

Tue, July 10, 1883

hall the Ram Island trap

got 12 Bush of Bait and sold them to fishermen

Wed, July 11, 1883

halled the trap

got 40 Bbls of krasks

Thu, July 12, 1883

Ram Island

halled the Traps in the morning

got got lot of bluebacks & etc

drove one stake and fixed an outhauler & etc

Strong breeze SSW

Fri, July 13, 1883

got 10 Bbls of small mackerel in the Richmons Island trap

went on board the Dreadnaught

Sat, July 14, 1883

halled the pounds

got 10 Bbls of small fish

went in home with Mr Drew with ?????

thick fog  calm


July 9 - July 14, 1883

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