Personal Journal of George Washington Willard - 1883

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Thu, June 21, 1883

Ram Island   thick fog light baffling winds

not much fish in the sound

drove a few stakes & etc. and fixing for the other trap

Fri, June 22, 1883

On the Island at work

put down some stakes for the leader

got 10 Bbls Pogis and other trash.

thick fog round South light

Sat, June 23, 1883

At work on the Bounds

camped on the one at Richmond Island

very fine day with light baffling wind and calm

plenty Pogis schooling

Sun, June 24, 1883

Went in home

calm most of the day

Mon, June 25, 1883

Went to Portland in the morning to get some stores for the Island and sailed at 9 AM

arrived out at 230

hauled the Bound   got plenty Pogis

Boarded the Josepheen of Rockport

Tue, June 26, 1883

At work on the Pound

over to Richmond Island

drove most of the stakes

fogy most of the day wind Eastly light


June 9 - June 14, 1883

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Wed, June 27, 1883

Halled (Hauled) the Bound in the morning

got some Pogis

baited one dunk

finishedd driving the stakes to Richmons Island

Thu, June 28, 1883

Ram Island   Wind East   fresh breeze rain

at work hard most of the day fixing the other bound

got it all ready to mat down

very rough seas

some of the stakes came up

Fri, June 29, 1883

Ram Island halled the pound

got three Bbls of mackerel and some blu fish pogis & etc

Mr Beard went away to put a pound ???? to Dear Island

Sat, June 30, 1883

At work very hard most of the day

halled the pound in the morning got 8 Bbls of mackerel

got off the other pound and partly sat some of the stakes come up

Mr Dyer come here the dreadnaught was here

Sun, July 1, 1883

At work hard in forenoon fixing the other board at Richmons Island

light winds NW in morning

afternoon strong breeze SSW

Mon, July 2, 1883

Ram Island

blowing hard all day SW

not much to do


June 15 - June 20, 1883

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