Personal Journal of George Washington Willard - 1883

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Sat, June 9, 1883

At Sea   Clear pleasant all day

fine light breeze SSW

on New Ledge in the morning Stood off shore

Speak(?) the Emma Jane in side of Cashes(?) at 1 on crashes(?) no fish -

run to the N at 9   anchored in Small Point

Sun, June 10, 1883

Small Point ??????

fog and wind SSW light

afternoon Squally with Thunder Lightning rain

Mon, June 11, 1883

Small Point harbor this AM

fog and rain all day with heavy Thuder Showers

wind light baffling most of the day

Tue, June 12, 1883

Sailed from Small Point at 5 AM

wind west fresh at 1 PM

anchored at ??????

went over to Ram Island to ???????

got some lobsters off Walter Jordan

Walter Jordan is on the right in the photo

Wed, June 13, 1883

Sailed from Richmons Island at 6 AM

Worked up to Old Orchard beach and up to Cape ??????

Spoak with number of Seiners from the West

no fish run to the East heavy squalls

anchored at Small Point

Thu, June 14, 1883

Small Point wind NW blowing hard

Sailed at 1 PM

Stood to the West at 8 home to Cape Elizabeth NNW 20 miles calm


June 9 - June 14, 1883

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Fri, June 15, 1883

On Jeffreis   Caught 8 Bhls mackerel

very fine weather

light baffling winds

Sat, June 16, 1883

At Sea ???ing for fish

On Jeffreis Tanto Mishlaken(?) Ground etc.

at 10 keep off for Portland

arrived at 2 PM   got home at 4

Sun, June 17, 1883

At home overcast

wind South light fogy

Went to the beach etc

Mon, June 18, 1883

Went to Portland in afternoon

Cloudy Wind South the light fogy

got home at 11 AM

Started to go to the Island in the Yankey Maid

Came back home calm

Tue, June 19, 1883

Sailed from Simontons Cove at 4 AM

light winds South

arrived at Richmons (Richmond ?) Island at 9

raining most of the day

Went to Ram Island and on board Schr Annie Laurie(?)

Capt Furnald

Wed, June 20, 1883

Went to Ram Island

halled the Baund(?) got a few Alewife etc

at work shaving some poles etc


June 15 - June 20, 1883

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