Personal Journal of George Washington Willard - 1883

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Mon, May 28, 1883

Went clamming on Bangs Island

Went to Portland in afternoon

Tue, May 29, 1883

On Drunker Ledge fishing

Caught 700 Lbs   fish 150 per hund

got home at 4 PM

blowing very hard SW with rain showers

Wed, May 30, 1883

Went to Portland in forenoon

bought mackerel for bait

fish at 1.50 hund

fine pleasant day

Thu, May 31, 1883

At home

rain part of the day

Strong breeze SSW

Fri, June 1, 1883

On Drunker Ledge fishing

Caught 500 at 100 per hund

very nice day   light baffling wind

Sat, June 2, 1883

Went to Portland

Shiped on board Schr Mc Tory(?) for CA Dyer to go seining(?)

got a boat ready to sail


May 28 - June 2, 1883

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Sun, June 3, 1883

Simontons Cove   clear pleasant

Strong breeze in afternoon SW cloudy

went to the beach

packed up to go seining

Mon June 4, 1883

Over to Portland

fitting out for seining   got all ready for sea

fogy most of the day with showers

Tue, June 5, 1883

Sailed at 9 AM from Portland

very light wind and calm

past Cape Elizabeth at 2 PM - on mis mistewken ground at 7 PM

Wed, June 6, 1883

At Sea   clear and calm most of the day

on New Ledge in morning

Saw a few scatering Mackerel run to the West and

quite a fleet ???? at 8 close to Thatchers Island

SW 8 miles rain showers Thunder & Lightning

Thu, June 7, 1883

At Sea thick fog part of the day

scoot over to Middle Bank

???? Schr Eddy Peirce and others

at 8 anchored in to Cape Ann

rain squalls etc

Fri, June 8, 1883

Sailed at 11 AM   light winds SW clear and warm

past Thatchers at 2 PM Course E by N

at 8 25 miles ENE from Thatchers


June 3 - June 8, 1883

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