Personal Journal of George Washington Willard - 1883

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Wed, May 16, 1883

Out fishing on the Outer Clifs   caught 500 Lbs

Calm with light baffling winds

got home at 5 PM

Haddock 150 per hund

Thu, May 17, 1883

Went clamming on hog Island

Strong breeze SSW in afternoon

Fri, May 18, 1883

On Drunker Ledge fishing

Caught 1600 lbs   Sold on house Island

got home at 6 PM   fine pleasant weather

Sat, May 19, 1883

Simontons Cove

Clear calm most of the day

baited up gear

went clamming on Fl I(?)

Sun, May 20, 1883

Simontons Cove

thick fog most of the day

light Eastly winds

Mon, May 21, 1883

At home most of the day   at work about the house

thick fog wind Eastly


May 16 - May 21, 1883

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Tue, May 22, 1883

At home most of the

Wind Eastly fresh with rain

Wed May 23, 1883

Simontons Cove

rain and fog   wind Eastly light

was to the beach and to the Shop

Thu, May 24, 1883

At home

rain and fog in morning

wind light baffling

Fri, May 25, 1883

Simontons Cove

went mussling in forenoon

Stripet(?) and backnet(?) tow(?) trolls

winds SW fresh

Sat, May 26, 1883

On Drunker Ledge fishing

got a Job to Pilot in Bec $15.00

got home at 1020

baited up gear in afternoon

fish 150 per hund

Sun, May 27, 1883

Simontons Cove

rain part of day

was to the beach many times


May 22 - May 27, 1883

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