Personal Journal of George Washington Willard - 1883

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Sat, Mar 17, 1883

On the Steamer Sarnia at work until 12 midnight

got home at 1230   wind SSW fresh breeze overcast

11 1/2 hours work

Mr. Frank Strout's Child died tonight with Crupe.

Sun, Mar 18, 1883

At home   Strong breeze SSW

Went to the beach in morning

Mon, Mar 19, 1883

At work on the Steamer Sarnia until 3 PM and

on the Dominion rest of day and all night

got Sulpher to Bibers

overcast wind NE fresh

Tue, Mar 20, 1883

On the Steamer Dominion at work until 1230

Came home at 1 PM   tired and sleepy

rain in morning, Calm Pleasant in afternoon

Wed, Mar 21, 1883

Over to Portland in the morning. Clear and cold

went to work at 130   got home at 630

Wind north   5 1/2 hours work

Thu, Mar 22, 1883

Went to Portland in morning   no work today

Came home at 130

a very cold day for the season. Wind NW fresh breeze

Went up to D Strouth   bought Sasages and tobacco


Mar 17 - Mar 22, 1883

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Fri, Mar 23, 1883

At Portland at work on the Steamer Dominion    6 hours

Clear and cold wind North fresh

got home at 635

Sat, Mar 24, 1883

At work on Steamer Dominion until 2 PM

Settled up with B J Willard $24.95

bought papers   got home at 430

Wind NW fresh and cold

Sun, Mar 25, 1883

Simonton's Cove   Clear strong breeze North

Steamer Bonorio Serrage(?) came in today

Mon, Mar 26, 1883

Went to Portland in forenoon

Clear wind NNE fresh   Calm in afternoon

up to Strout's Store in evening

no work today

Steamer Brooklyn came in

Frank Willard Died today

Tue, Mar 27, 1883

At work on the Brooklyn   9 hours today

got home at 710 PM   foggy all day calm

James Lovett 2nd died last night   aged 41

Wed, Mar 28, 1883

At work on the Brooklyn   Snow in the morning

pleasant in afternoon

Ella Cobb died today Quite sudnley(?) in the place(?)

10 hours work today


Mar 23 - Mar 28, 1883

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