Personal Journal of George Washington Willard - 1883

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Sun, Jan 28, 1883

Purpooduck overcast

Wind NE light

Snowing - went to the beach in morning

bought Sunday Times paper     paid 5 cts

over to Maggies

Snowing most of day

Mon, Jan 29, 1883

Simonton's Cove   Wind NE light   overcast

Went to Portland in afternoon

Capt Orr was here gave up the Schr===

Tue, Jan 30, 1883

At home very sick with Cramps Collick all day

had the Doctor

fine nice weather     calm for most of the day

F Willard & G Burbank was here in the evening

Wed, Jan 31, 1883

Simontons Cove overcast wind SSE light in the morning

raining in afternoon wind SSW blowing hard

helped my wife make a rug

at 7 wind west clear overhead

Thu, Feb 1, 1883

Went to     in forenoon

Went to work on board Steamer Sarnia at 11 AM

Close wind NW fresh cool

Worked until 12 midnight

Stayed over all night

Fri, Feb 2, 1883

At work on the Sarnia all day til 12 midnight

Stayed over

wind N Eastly light


Jan 28 - Feb 2, 1883

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Sat, Feb 3, 1883

At work on the Sarnia until 12:30   got home at 1:45

Strong breeze NE and thick snow storm all night

Sun, Feb 4, 1883

At home light snow in morning

harbor full of ice

Mon, Feb 5, 1883

At home in forenoon     clear wind SW fresh

went to work on the Sarnia in afternoon until 10 PM

Came over the ferry in small boat     landed on the end of breakwater

got home at 11:45   clear and cold

Tue, Feb 6, 1883

Simontons Cove in forenoon

went to Portland after dinner to work came back at 5 no work

to commence at 8 wind SW fresh

4 hours commenced at 8 to work

stayed over all night

Wed, Feb 7, 1883

At work on the Steamer Sarnia today

Clear wind NW     snow in morning

worked 14 hours    stayed in ferry house later part of night

Thu, Feb 8, 1883

At work on the Sarnia   clear cool in morning

8 hours work today

Came home at 630 tired and sleepy


Feb 3 - 8, 1883

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