Personal Journal of George Washington Willard - 1883

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Tuesday, Jan 16, 1883

Point Village   Clear and Cool

the Schip(?) was out fishing

was to W. Rogers and to D Pillsbury playing cards in the evening

bought 1/2 pk corn meal

January 17, 1883

Simonton's Cove   quite cold in the morning

went to beach and to W Rogers store

up to D Pillsbury in afternoon playing cards

at 3 PM Snowing wind NE

January 18, 1883

Went to work on the Steamer Dominion at 1030

wind NW fresh all day and clear

got home at 7 PM   worked six 1/2 hours

January 19, 1883

On the Steamer Dominion at work   got through Discharging at 530   worked 9 1/2 hours

Overcast wind southeasterly light

got home at 645

January 20, 1883

Went to Portland in forenoon   got some Newspapers

home rest of the day

Wind N Easterly fresh in the evening

up to D R playing cards

raining most of the night

January 21, 1883

At home most of the day fog part of the day

light baffling wind   at 3 PM blowing a gail WNW

quite cool at night


Jan 16 - 21, 1883

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Jan 22, 1883

Went to Portland   worked little wile putting up meat in cars

got home at 3 PM

very cold and strong breeze NW

Jan 23, 1883

At Portland working on Steamer Dominion   9 1/2 hours

Very Cold Weather   Six Dgs below Zero

got home at 7 PM Very tired

Wind WNW fresh

Jan 24, 1883

On the Steamer Dominion at Worth(?)

Clear wind SW fresh and in the morning three Dgs below Z

got home at 7 PM tired worked 10 hours

Jan 25, 1883

Was over to Portland at work on Steamer Dominion in forenoon

got home at 12 N   clear light wind West

worked two hours up to D Pillsbury

at 7:20 at home   pleasant very light winds

Jan 26, 1883

At home in the morning Clear and Cold 11 Dgs below Zero

afternoon went to Portland   Settled up with B J Willard $1125

got home at 3 PM   pleasant calm

up to the Shops in evening

at 715 at home

at 7 PM Snowing Went up to D. Stroud

the fishermen got in, fish very scarce

Sat, Jan 27, 1883

Simonton's Cove   Snowing part of the day

wind SW fresh

Went to Portland got some Newspapers

Up to the Shops   got some onions etc.


Jan 22 - 27, 1883

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