Personal Journal of George Washington Willard - 1883

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George W Willard

Cape Elizabeth Maine


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George W Willard

Cape Elizabeth, Maine Cape Elizabeth became South Portland on March 15, 1895

Born in Purpooduck

Dec 12th 1831

Age 51 Last December

Along with these notes there are a few calculations, apparently of dollar amounts. There are also annotations made by someone else of his immediate family's names and some dates.


Cash Rec of B J Willard for the Winter's Work from Dec 8 '82 to April 28th 83

DEW: Possibly This B J Willard??

   $ 228.60
of C A Dyer  184.00
Boat fishing  45.00

Monday, Jan 1, 1883

At work on the Steamer Brooklyn   7 hours

fine pleasant weather Light Wind NW clear

January 2, 1883

On the Steamer Brooklyn at work=9 hours

fine pleasant weather

January 3, 1883

At Portland on the Brooklyn working

got home at 645


January 1 - 3, 1883

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Jan 4, 1883

On the Brooklyn at work

Cool Strong breeze NW

Jan 5, 1883

At work on the Brooklyn nocked off work at 11 AM got home at 1145

Very Cold two Dgs below Zero wind North

Jan 6, 1883

Over to Portland working on the Brooklyn

Very cold raw day wind NNE light


got home at 645

Sun, Jan 7, 1883

At home most of the day

pleasant in afternoon

wind westerly light

Jan 8, 1883

Went to Portland work on the Steamer Brooklyn in forenoon

Got home at 2 PM Wind NE light overcast

at 7 PM Snowing Went up to D. Stroud

the fishermen got in, fish very scarce

Jan 9, 1883

Went to Portland did not work today

Calm in afternoon, got home at 5 PM


Jan 4 - 9, 1883

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Jan 10, 1883

Over to Portland today, didn't work

a very cold and blustering Snow Storm   wind NNE fresh

got home at 2 PM

Jan 11, 1883

Went to Portland in the morning, no Work today

had to come round the bridge rose river full of ice

got home at 11:10   very Cold Weather

Jan 12, 1883

At home clear and pleasant  light winds West cool

Went to the beach and to W Rogers   bought meat etc.

went to Portland in afternoon

Clear pleasant but cool

Jan 13, 1883

Simontons Cove  Cloudy wind WNW

light and cold   three Dgs below Z

went to the beach in the morning

Went to Portland, settled up with B J W, Rec $10.80

bought Sugar Tobacco etc.

Sun, Jan 14, 1883

Cape Elizabeth, Clear pleasant quite warm today

Went to the beach in the morning

home rest of the day

Jan 15, 1883

Purpooduck  Clear wind N W fresh in afternoon

was to Walter Rogers and to D Stroud in the evening

home rest of the day


Jan 10 - 15, 1883

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