Personal Diary of William Harrison Walp: 1917 - 1918

March 1, 1918 - April 30, 1918

Fri Mar. 1st 1918.

Leslie in hos. hope he gets out soon. Worked in shop all day. Gun. exam. Passes over night cut out. 10-30 P.M. the limit now. Better put us in jail.

Sat Mar. 2nd 1918.

Inspection. Gun. exam.

Sun Mar. 3rd '18.

St. Medards Hiked back to Boimeau.

Mon Mar. 4th '18.

Gun exam. Heard today my car be out of shop tomorrow.

Tues Mar. 5th 1918.

Got my car. works pretty good, but not as good as before.

Wed Mar. 6th 1918.

Letter from N.S. & 2 from Wifey. Some winter in Port. I guess. Guess we will be out of here last of the week or 1st of next.

Thurs Mar. 7th '18.

Nothing doing.

Fri Mar. 8th '18.

Worked all day in shop.

Sat Mar. 9th '18.

Went to Bordeaux.

Sun Mar. 10th '18.

Bunk fatigue.

Mon Mar. 11th '18.

Small trip in truck.

Tues Mar. 12th '18.

Same old stuff.

Wed Mar. 13th '18.

Pay day for some.

Thurs Mar. 14th '18.

Worked on car A.M. in shop P.M.

Fri Mar. 15th '18.

Convoy all day.

Sat Mar. 16th '18.

No inspection. Worked on car nearly all day.

Sun Mar. 17th '18.

Some St. Patrick's Day. Worked on car all P.M.

Mon 18th Mar. '18.

Missed trip to Ares(?) because car is to be painted. I'm lousy as a cuckoo and can't get rid of 'em. Man oh boy! if the French people were half as energetic as the French lice, the war would have been over before it started. They can run around your body fourty times in a minute and bite all the way and believe me they're worse than wasps.

Tues Mar. 19th 1918.

Car wasn't painted yesterday. Run it into the paint shop today: guess it wasn't finished on account of the rain. Hauled shoes from A.M. worked in shop rest of day. Beat Leslie 7 out of 8 games of pinochle this P.M.

Wed Mar. 20th 1918.

Nothing much doing. Beat Leslie 6 out of 8 again. Red Letter day. Got pr. shoes & a hat cord.

Thurs Mar. 21st 1918.

Poor devil in the N.G. got both legs smashed today. gun run over him. He sure had nerve. never lost consiousness and smiled and joked when they carried him away on the stretcher. All night convoy tomorrow night, hope I can beat it.

Fri Mar. 22nd 1918.

All day convoy.

Sat Mar. 23rd 1918.

Inspection. Went to Illiac camped there for the night.

Sun Mar. 24th '18.

Lapped 'em up all day came home 11 P.M.

Mon Mar. 25th 1918.

Convoy all day.

Tues Mar. 26th 1918.

Convoy all day with N.G. Convoy all night with more N.G.

Wed Mar. 27th 1918.

Worked in park all day.

Thurs Mar. 28th '18.

Ditto. Put radiator on tractor. hell of a job.

Fri Mar. 29th 1918.

Target practice.

Sat Mar. 30th '18.

Hauled ammunition all day.

Sun Mar. 31st 1918.

Muster. Worked all P.M. on water pump. Red Letter day. Guess Bunch hasn't forgotten me after all.

Mon Apr. 1st '18.

Finished my pump. ain't tried it out with car yet. guess it'll work. Target practice. Hear we go to Front next week. Any place besides this Camp. Wish my face would get well.

Tues Apr. 2nd 1918.

Nothing much doing.

Wed Apr. 3rd 1918.

Target practice.

Thurs Apr. 4th '18.

Relieved from the car.

Fri Apr. 5th '18.

Put me in hospitalwith fever 104.3 and pyorrhea of the teeth.

Sat Apr. 6th 1918.

All in. 22 of us in with fever. Doing nothing for my teeth..

Sun Apr. 7th 1918.

Turning us all out today so we can leave with the Battery tomorrow morning. I guess I can make it but I'm sure all in.

Mon Apr. 8th 1918.

Didn't turn us out yeaterday.

Tues Apr. 9th 1918.

Going to turn us out tomorrow so they say but a case of scarlet fever has developed in the ward and maybe it will hold us up. Got out of hos. no transportation.

Wed Apr. 10th 1918.

Left De Souge 9-30 Arrived Le bourne noon. All in. Fever two degrees & 6/10 below normal.

Thurs Apr. 11th 1918.

Nothing doing.

Fri Apr. 12th 1918.

Painting trucks all day.

Sat Apr. 13th '18.

No inspection. Worked all day. All in. Face no better.

Sun Apr. 14th '18.

Took a bath.

Mon Apr. 15th '18.

Worked all day. Guard tonight.

Tues Apr. 16th '18.

Came off guard tonight. All in.

Wed Apr. 17th '18.

Nothing to do but work.

Thurs Apr. 18th '18.


Fri Apr. 19th '18.

Went up town tonight. Dead town.

Sat Apr. 20th '18.

A.M. Fatigue all day.

Sun Apr. 21st '18.

Had fight Nat'l Gd. tonight. chased em out of town.

Mon Apr. 22nd '18.

Camouflaging all day.

Tues Apr. 23rd '18.

Convoy all day. Sprained my back can hardly walk Unable to mount guard.

Wed Apr. 24th '18

Laid in bed all day. Back on Bum.

Thurs Apr. 25th '18.

Convoy. Unable to go.

Fri Apr. 26th 1918.

Washing trucks A.M. On guard tonight. Orderly

Sat Apr. 27th 1918.

Off guard. Nothing else.

Sun Apr. 28th '18.

Walked all day. All in.

Mon Apr. 29th '18.

Ordinance fatigue.

Tues Apr. 30th '18.

Muster. Ordinance fatigue.

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