Personal Diary of William Harrison Walp: 1917 - 1918

May 1, 1918 - July 23, 1918

Wed May 1st '18.

Ord. fatigue

Thur May 2nd '18.

Q.M. fatigue

Fri May 3rd '18.

Ord. fatigue will it ever end

Sat May 4th '18.

Shoveled coal all day.

Sun May 5th '18.

Walked a while. Saw a ball game and to finish an almost perfect day was entertained by Elsie Janice. Hurrah for Elsie. pkg. from home.

Mon May 6th '18.

No detail today, isn't that funny?

Tues May 7th 1918.

Nothing doing.

Wed May 8th 1918.

Acquainted with some nice French people.

Thurs May 9th '18.

Gas school.

Fri May 10th '18.

Gas school.

Sat May 11th '18.

Gas school.

Sun May 12th '18.

Gas school. wish it would end. Payday.

Mon May 13th '18.

Gas school. Leave for the front tomorrow. Bid goodbye to my French friends tonight and my little French Sister as she styles herself seemed pretty badly cut up about it. Poor kid. hope her dad comes through safe and sound.

Tues May 14th '18.

Reveille 4-45 Breakfast 5. Left Lebourne 7 PM.

Wed May 15th 1918.

Great weather. when we get to our destination we will have criss-crossed the whole of France.

Thurs May 16th 1918.

Still going. wish we would get there..

Fri May 17th 1918.

Arrived Toul 2-30 A.M. came to a little village Burley (Bruley) about 4 KM north of Toul. Dirtiest town I ever saw. Billeted in Stables with about 8 in of manure on the floor. Went to sleep on hillside.

Sat May 18th 1918.

Wrote home and sent souvenier h'c'L'f. Wrote a card to my little French sister. Gas drill. Hear we go into position tomorrow night. Hope so.

Sun May 19th 1918.

Air raid. The dutchman didn't last long. Took guns to position tonight. Just did get 'em in before daylight if we didn't Fritz would have seen us and it would have been all off.

Mon May 20th 1918.

Worked all night at guns again. An awful hole. Raided by air man but he paid the maximum price for it.

Tues May 21st 1918.

Worked all night in the woods again. Air raid.

Wed May 22nd 1918.

Moved twice. Some billets. Work in the woods again tonight.

Thurs May 23rd 1918.

Put the day in in the woods. Rained like h--l. Got soaked.

Fri May 24th 1918.

Same old dope.

Sat May 25th '18.

Sent an iron message to the Kaiser this afternoon at exactly 4 o'clock. It is the first GPF(?) shell ever fired by any American force at the Germans. Hope it did good work.

Sun May 26th 1918.

Gas attack 2-30 AM. Only lasted an hr. didn't get anyone from our Battalion but it did a few infantrymen. We gave them hell again tonight at midnight.

Mon May 27th 1918.

Worked all day at the guns and in dugout 16 hrs. Wind up with guard as gas sentinel. 34 hrs. since I batted an eye. feel somewhat like having a nap.

Tues May 28th '18.

Had a good sleep feeling pretty fair again.

Wed May 29th '18.

Put in day hauling dug-out material.

Thurs May 30th '18.

Some Memorial day. I'll remember it as long as I live.

Fri May 31st '18.

No muster here. Got a boche plane today.

Sat June 1st '18.

All in. Gee but I wish we would get a let up. Gas attack at midnight. Didn't lose anyone yet.

Sun June 2nd '18.

Gave Fritzie hell again.

Mon June 3rd '18.

Built powder dumps all day.

Tues June 4th '18.

Built projectile dumps all day. On guard tonight.

Wed June 5th '18.

Came off guard. Fritz threw about 20 shells at us but didn't harm us any.

Thurs June 6th '18.

Worked like a nigger.

Fri June 7th '18.

Changed billets. Not much doing but work. Gas attack at 10 P.M.

Sat June 8th '18.

Gas attack 2 A.M. Haven't lost a man yet.

Sun June 9th '18.

Nothing new.

Mon June 10th '18.

Built nar. ga. r.r.

Tues June 11th '18.

Same as yesterday except on guard tonight.

Wed June 12th '18.

Came off guard.

Thurs June 13th '18.

Worked on dugout.

Fri June 14th '18.

Gas 3 times.

Sat June 15th '18.

Moved No. 2 gun out to new position. worked all night on her.

Sun June 16th '18.

Fritz found our range but we didn't lose a man yet. On guard tonight.


Wed June 26th 1918.

On guard tonight. don't know whether I'll make it or not. I sure feel bum.

Thurs June 27th 1918.

Wish I could hear from home. I hope no one is sick, it seems I'm having enough of that for the whole family.

Fri June 28th 1918.

Rec'd new style breech-block. It is in awful shape. Walked to Menil-Le-Tour.

Sat June 29th 1918.

Got the block in pretty good shape. Menil-Le-Tour again.

Sun June 30th 1918.

A day off, what do you know about that.

Mon July 1st 1918.

On guard tonight.

Tues July 2nd 1918.

Nothing much doing.

Wed July 3rd 1918.

Rumor we are going to another front.

Thurs July 4th '18.

Took a trip to Toul. Bum town, bum fourth.

Fri July 5th '18.

Same old stuff. Gas.

Sat July 6th '18.

Sick as a dog. Got a last bit of gas I guess. More gas.

Sun July 7th 1918.

Nothing doing.

Mon July 8th 1918.

No move yet. No gas. On guard.

Tues July 9th 1918.

Same old routine.

Wed July 10th 1918.

Walked to Menil-Le-Tour to get something to eat.

Thurs July 11th 1918.

No signs of a move yet.

Fri July 12th 1918.

Payday. on guard.

Sat July 13th 1918.

Came off guard. Walked to Menil Le Tour, on way back we got run over by motorcycle got bum leg out of it. Pretty Lucky.


Tues July 23rd 1918.

Pvts. Daly and Tucker killed and Heckford wounded by bomb from aeroplane.