Personal Diary of William Harrison Walp: 1917 - 1918

January 1, 1918 - February 28, 1918

Tues Jan. 1st 1918.

Worked all day putting truck in shape.

Wed Jan. 2nd 1918.

Same as yesterday. Smashed another finger. Some jinx is on my tail.

Thurs Jan. 3rd 1918.

On road breaking in assistant driver. wish I could hear from home.

Fri Jan. 4th 1918.

"Sunny France" br'r'r'r. Cold enough for Alaska. Had good hot shower today. The first I've had since I left Mailly. Sure did feel good but we nearly froze while we were taking it. 190 Balloon Core men arrived last night, husky looking bunch.

Come on Yankee Soldiers
Wash your dirty clothes
Where you get the soap from
A soldier only knows
Clean and brush your O.D.'s
A pair of leggins scrub
While you're hanging up your washing
Some Sucker's stole your tub.

Sat Jan. 5th 1918.

Inspection. Didn't go near the trucks.

Sun Jan. 6th 1918.

Laid up with cramps.

Mon Jan. 7th '18.

Ditto on the cramps.

Tues Jan. 8th '18.

Feeling about the same.

Wed Jan. 9th '18.

Feeling a little better & only a little.

Thurs Jan. 10th '18.

Feeling somewhat better maybe I'll get a little sleep tonight, haven't had any since Sat.

Fri Jan. 11th 1918.

Had a hot bath. Cleaned quarters.

Sat Jan. 12th '18.

Inspection. Infantry drill.

Sun Jan. 13th '18.

Nothing doing. Everybody about eat up by a little black bug. Leaves you worse than exzema.

Mon Jan. 14th '18.

Scratched all night can't get anything for it.

Tues Jan. 15th '18.

Worked all day trucking.

Wed Jan. 16th '18.

Worked same as yesterday. 146th Regt. Nat'l Gd. F.A. arrived today. They sure looked all in.

Thurs Jan. 17th '18.

Went out on convoy, travelled 62K.M. beat Bat. G time 9 hrs. made them sore.

Fri Jan. 18th '18.

Bath. Cleaned quarters.

Sat Jan. 19th '18.

Inspection. Infty. drill.

Sun Jan. 20th '18.

Nothing doing. Wish those black bugs were in hell or some other seaport town. haven't had a nights sleep in a week.

Mon Jan. 21st '18.

Took detail out to the woods. stayed there all day.

Tues Jan. 22nd '18.

Nothing doing all day.

Wed Jan. 23rd '18.

Payday. I mean for some. I don't draw any.

Thurs Jan. 24th '18.

Everything quiet so far, but expect some of them will be on the warpath pretty soon as they can't get passes and they'll be taking them.

Fri Jan. 25th 1918.

Only nineteen out of the Bat. absent and more going.

Sat Jan. 26th '18.

Worked until 2-30 this morning pressing clothes. I'm all in my iron only weighs 22 lbs. Inspection. Infty drill.

Sun Jan. 27th 1918.

Red letter day. first in a long time. Baird came back from Bordeaux louzy as a Chinese dog.

Mon Jan. 28th 1918.

Same old story wish something would happen so I could put something worth while in here.

Tues Jan. 29th 1918.

Ditto. Made some coffee sure tasted good.

Wed Jan. 30th 1918.

Convoy A.M. Took detail to woods in P.M.

Thurs Jan. 31st 1918.

Muster. Took oil pump apart. Gunner school started again. I've made my last study of that.

Fri Feb. 1st 1918.

Bath. Wish we could get one about three times a week. Those Blankety Blank bites are worse than ever. Red Letter day.

Sat Feb. 2nd 1918.

Inspection. Trucking for A.M. Bum job. They checked our clothes and took half of them away.

Sun Feb. 3rd 1918.

Nothing doing. Longest day I ever saw.

Mon Feb. 4th 1918.

Worked all day on car.

Tues Feb. 5th 1918.


Wed Feb. 6th '18.


Thurs Feb. 7th '18.


Fri Feb. 8th '18.

Trucking in Bordeaux.

Sat Feb. 9th '18.

Inspection. Pass to Bordeaux.

Sun Feb. 10th '18.

Got back at midnight. some town.

Mon Feb. 11th '18.

Night manouvers all night.

Tues Feb. 12th '18.

Got back 5 A.M. all in.

Wed Feb. 13th 1918.

Convoy to Ares (Arles ?) Saw the seashore again. 1st time since I left Havre Sept. 17th. sure smelled good, as the Irish woman said "It stinks nice" Rec'd comfort bag from Mr. A.C. Tulsa, 188 Zabriskie St., Jersey City, N.J. Letter from Mother & Goldie but nothing from Wifey. Wonder what is wrong.

Thurs Feb. 14th 1918.

Issued rubber boots today. What next will they make us carry.

Fri Feb. 15th 1918.

Target practice. Worked hard on officer's clothes.

Sat Feb. 16th 1918.

All in. Inspection.

Sun Feb. 17th 1918.

Worked in shop. got letter yesterday from Alma. Last I guess.

Mon Feb. 18th 1918.

Same old stuff.

Tues Feb. 19th 1918.

Trip to Bordeaux. Burned out bearing in truck. Waited 'til 9 P.M. before I got a tow in.

Wed Feb. 20th 1918.

Took truck to repair shop. Worked all day tailoring. All in, got the grip, ache all over.

Thurs Feb. 21st 1918.


Fri Feb. 22nd 1918.

Worked in shop all day.

Sat Feb. 23rd 1918.

H.M.O. Inspection. Pass to Bordeaux.


Bordeaux all day.

Mon Feb. 25th 1918.

Got back to camp 2 P.M. Got enough of Bordeaux for a while.

Tues Feb. 26th 1918.

Car not fixed yet. Worked in shop all day. Wish something would happen for excitement.

Wed Feb. 27th 1918.

S.O.S. heard today there was orders to get this battalion fully equipped for the front right away. Let's hope so anyway, go up and get killed or get some action for our money.

Thurs Feb. 28th 1918.

Muster. Gun. exam.

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