Personal Journal of George Washington Willard - 1883

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Tue, Apr 10, 1883

On the Brooklyn at work

Wed, Apr 11, 1883

On the wreck at work


Got home at 630

Thu, Apr 12, 1883

Working on the Wreck

Fri, Apr 13, 1883

Working on the Wreck Brooklyn

pleasant all day


Sat, Apr 14, 1883

At work to Portland on Steamer Oregon

Settled up with B J Willard

Rec cash $51.50

got home at 9 PM

Sun, Apr 15, 1883

At home

Clear wind

SW fresh


Apr 10 - Apr 15, 1883

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Mon, Apr 16, 1883

Went to Portland in morning   no work

Came home and went over to the Ship Brooklyn Wrecking

got little Coal & etc.   got back at 4

wind SSW fresh fogy

Tue, Apr 17, 1883

At work on the Brooklyn

got home at 830

Wed, Apr 18, 1883

At work discharging Sloop of Wreck stuff

Clear pleasant most of the day

Thu, Apr 19, 1883

Portland most of the day

worked in afternoon and night

rain in night

Fri, Apr 20, 1883

Got home at 5 AM   raining

Went to Portland in morning at 8   no work today

got home at 2 PM   at 4 wind NW fresh breeze

Wreck stuff sold at auction

Sat, Apr 21, 1883

Went to Portland in afternoon

Settled up with BJ Willard for work 945

got home at 330

up to Strouds in evening

wind NNW fresh   cool all day clear


Apr 16 - Apr 21, 1883

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