F.D. Pattishall, DDS., M..Sc.O.
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Dear Mr. Pattishall,

I write to inform you of the outcome of the investigation I have made among the official records of the College of Arms concerning the surname of Pattishall.

In the first instance, I find there was a notable medieval family which derived its surname from Pattishall near Towcester in the county of Northampton.

One Sir Simon de Pattishall was a Justice of the Peace of the King's Court and flourished during the reigns of King Richard I and King John. The son of this Sir Simon was Walter de Pattishall who was Sheriff of the counties of Bedford and Buckingham and died in 1232, leaving a son Sir Simon de Pattishall who fought for Simon de Montfort in the Barons' Wars of the 13th century.

The last mentioned Sir Simon de Pattishall died in 1274, leaving a son Sir John de Pattishall who died in 1290. This John had sons Simon, who died in 1324, John of Little Crawley in the county of Buckingham, and Walter. The Simon who died in 1324 was the father of Sir John de Pattishall who was summoned to attend the Great Council at Westminster in 1324 and other Councils in 1335, 1338, and 1342. He was never summoned to Parliament. These Council summonses have by some writers erroneously regarded as writs to Parliament by which it was deemed that the recipient became a Baron. For this reason Sir John de Pattishall is sometimes listed as Baron Pattishall. He died in 1348, leaving an only son and heir William de Pattishall who died without issue in 1359, when the family became extinct in the principal male-line. It is possible that junior collateral branches survived; but this remains unknown.

Armorial Bearings are listed in several medieval Rolls of Arms for the above mentioned persons. The John who died in 1349 bore a Shield of Arms which may be blazoned as:-

Argent (i.e. white) a fess sable (i.e. a black horizontal band) between three crescents Gules (i.e. red).

There is some indication that these Arms were of 13th century origin and may have been first used by the Sir Simon de Pattishall who fought for Simon de Montfort.

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