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None of the software below is being actively maintained. I will not be accepting or applying patches. Instead I will be focusing my efforts on Gaim. If you would like to take over any of these products, please send me an email and I will put a link here when you get a site set up.

kernel-alert 0.8

A perl script that will e-mail you when new Linux kernels are released, and optionally attach the patch to the e-mail and/or run a script of your choosing. Useful for those of you who live for new kernels (you know who you are :-)

I've removed this since has asked that the finger server not be used to poll for kernel updates. When I find the time to convert to the new HTTP method, I'll post a new version.

mp32ogg 0.11

A perl script to convert MP3 files to Ogg Vorbis files, retaining ID3 information, bitrate, and optionally renaming the output files, as well as deleting the originals. Requires: mpg123, oggenc, MP3::Info (perl module), and String::ShellQuote (another perl module) THIS DEGRADES THE QUALITY, because it goes from one lossy format to another. See the Vorbis FAQ entry for more details.

searchbox 0.6.3

A perl script that will generate a search box on a web page (like the one on this page) to search any of the major search engines. If you find a search engine that would be useful to other people and think I should add it, let me know. REQUIRES SSI.