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I've been working a lot with XMPP at work. It provides a great communications framework for our applications. The more I work with it, the better I am able to understand some stuff, especially stuff I didn't really get when I initially worked on, and then re-wrote the Jabber/XMPP support in Gaim.

What does this mean for Gaim? Well, the more I understand some of the deeper details of the "problem areas" in Gaim's Jabber support, the better I'll be able to fix them. Near-term, I'm hoping to make file transfer much more robust, and add support for XEP-0065 proxy servers, so file transfers have half a chance of going through a firewall. Once football season ends, I'll have more weekend time to spend making it all happen. The future is looking bright.
gaim,xmpp - 2006-10-28 12:34:58 PM
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